A Kidney from a Stranger

Jan 22, 2016

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Dave and Kurt resizedKurt, a husband and father of four children, was fairly new to Pocatello when he learned he would soon need a kidney transplant. He had mentioned once to his pastor that he would need a transplant, but it wouldn’t be until a few months later he learned what that conversation would mean to him and his family.

A few months after his conversation with Kurt, the pastor was speaking with another member, Dave. In the course of their conversation, the pastor felt compelled to tell Dave, “Kurt needs a kidney.” Dave told the pastor that he did not know Kurt. At the next church activity, the pastor pointed Kurt out to Dave.

Dave approached Kurt and stated, “I heard you need a kidney. You can have one of mine.” Kurt was obviously very surprised to hear a stranger offer to give him a kidney. The next day he contacted Dave to see if he was serious about his offer. Dave asked what he needed to do to see if he was a match and get the process started. Dave went through the testing process and it turned out he was a great match for Kurt. The kidney transplant took place almost 5 years ago. Their story made national news. Click here to watch CBN TV report on their story.

Dave and Kurt’s families have become very close. Dave gets a little choked up when he recalls Kurt’s daughter thanking him for saving her dad.

They will be featured on the Pocatello Dash for Donation registration page in 2016.

Recipient Family resized
Donor Family

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