A Kidney Transplant Gets Mitch on Track

Feb 11, 2016

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In 2005, Mitch was an active duty Marine, stationed in Japan. He was injured during a training accident and was sent to medical to get it checked out. While at his appointment, the doctor noticed his blood pressure was elevated. Initially, Mitch wasn’t worried about it, but his doctor recommended he have a couple of additional tests. car

A kidney biopsy found that one of his kidneys was scared beyond repair. He was later diagnosed with lupus.

While he was going through the medical tests, Mitch kept his family updated on what was going on. When it was determined that his kidneys had failed and he would need a transplant, his brother-in-law decided to be tested to see if he could donate a kidney to Mitch. It turned out that he was a match and Mitch was able to get a transplant only months after being diagnosed with kidney failure.

Mitch now races cars and talks about the importance of organ donation with everyone he meets. His passion for race cars has given him the opportunity to spread the word about donation.

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