Almost 19 Years Post-transplant and Still Going Strong

Feb 3, 2016

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Tina was diagnosed with diabetes as a child. Because of the diabetes, she developed cataracts at age 13 and neuropathy in her feet. As an adult, it was very difficult to control her diabetes and about once a month, her glucose levels would drop during the night, requiring her husband to feed her something with sugar to help her levels go up. For her, this was just part of her life.

Tina and her husband wanted to have a baby. Because of her health concerns, they decided to look into adoption. They soon learned that her health concerns would be a barrier to adoption as well. The adoption agency wanted a doctor’s note stating that she would likely live at least 18 years; long enough to raise a child.

A trip to the doctor’s office did not produce a note, but instead showed her kidney function was so bad that they started her on dialysis that night. She was later put on the transplant list, but was told it could be three years before she got the call. Luckily for Tina, she received a call after just a few months on the transplant list. Tina received both a kidney and a pancreas, treating not only her kidney failure but also her diabetes.

Thanks to someone who said yes to donation, Tina got her transplant in 1997. She has not had any rejection issues and she has a beautiful teenage daughter.

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