The Wait Was Too Long – Brock’s Story

Jul 15, 2014

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“If there is one thing I do in this life, it would be to teach people to be thankful for what they have instead of dwelling on what they don’t.” This was one of Brock’s mottos in his life. Brock was a competitive swimmer, played guitar in school assemblies and saxophone in the school band. He attended Salt Lake Community College to explore a career as an engineer or high school math teacher. He enjoyed hiking, biking, camping and he had a penchant for collecting super-hero comic books. Mostly, he loved hanging with his many friends.

Surrounded by his family, Brock died September 28, 2012, just one week after his 21st birthday, while waiting for a liver transplant.

Brock had many friends who are struggling with the reality of losing their friend. Here are just a few of the things some of his friends have said.

  • When I look back… 2012 will always be the year that I lost you, my best friend, way too soon. Every year from now that I have the opportunity of living will be spent making you proud of me and keeping you alive by showing everyone who never got to know you, the beautiful soul you were.
  • There are Great people in this world… some who you prefer and some who are exotic, some who laugh with you and some who will cry. There exist some who make you see a new part of yourself and some who create a new part by existing. And then, there are people who are all of these things. Brock was all of these things to me, but the real value comes in the fact that he was all of these things and more to a great many people.
  • Some people are brave and shine a light for others…You have an indomitable courage that has been tested again and again and never faltered. It is a beacon for the rest of us.
  • My sweet, sweet friend Brock passed away today…I am overcome with sadness.
  • Halloween came around and I couldn’t decide what character to be; Brock already had at least three options picked out and ready to go. He would wear one of each of these every other day under his clothes so that at any moment, he would be able to leap into action and pull any innocent victim to safety. Brock, you always saw above and beyond every limitation any of us could think of.
  • Two days ago when I came to visit you, we were sitting around you telling jokes and when I looked over at you, you cracked the biggest smile. It was just for a second, but it reminded me of all the times when your happiness has made my life that much better.

We are lifeguards, is a poem that was written by one of Brock’s friends.

Please register as an organ, eye and tissue donor and encourage your friends and family to also register. A liver transplant could have saved Brock’s life; an organ taken to the grave after we are gone benefits no one.

Please enjoy this poem written in memory of Brock.

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