Life Can Change in an Instant – Chelsie’s Story

Jul 15, 2014

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Chelsie came to this earth bringing class, style, beauty, grace and love. She was a very compassionate and caring person who touched many in her short life. Chelsie was currently attending Salt Lake Community College pursuing a career in dental hygiene. She found a love for running, and in 2008 completed her first full Marathon at the TOP OF UTAH in Logan. She shared her love of running and was an inspiration for those who ran with her.

Chelsie had an eye for the most beautiful things and her sense of fashion and style stood out with everything she did. She loved shopping sprees, especially with her dad. Chelsie had a very special relationship with her mother, one any mother would cherish. She was a great mentor to and blessed with a little sister Candace who was her best friend. Chelsie’s smile was beautiful and would light up any room. She had a passion for all things living. She loved sunny days, fall leaves, flowers and had a great love for animals.

Life can change in an instant. In 2010 Chelsie and some friends met for dinner. These three were lifelong friends and they talked and laughed like best friends. After dinner Chelsie and one friend decided to make a stop at a tanning salon before calling it a night. Because it was a beautiful night they opened the sun roof to enjoy the warm fall. As they slowed down to make a right hand turn into the parking lot their car was hit from behind by a distracted driver. The impact caused the vehicle to roll and Chelsie, who was not wearing a seatbelt, was ejected out of the sun roof as the vehicle rolled and she sustained fatal head injuries.

Chelsie and her mom had discussed organ donation and she was very passionate about being a donor. Although Chelsie was a registered donor, her mom is grateful they had discussed organ donation and she knew Chelsie understood how important donation can be to those waiting. Chelsie’s giving spirit will live on through those she helped through donation.

In addition to supporting organ and tissue donation, Chelsie’s parents spend much of their time educating new and prospective drivers about the importance of wearing a seat belt. They want to help others avoid this tragedy by telling their story and bring awareness to the importance of seat belts and the danger of distracted driving.

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