I’m donating my kidney to save my brother-in-law

Jan 18, 2019

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On January 15th, Meridian, Idaho native, Janice Berryman will be “sharing her spare”, or, giving away one of her kidneys. It’s a sacrifice that not a lot of people would do. For her it was an easy choice.

Janice’s best friend also happens to be her sister Patty. So, when her brother-in-law Frank, got the news that after nine years of diet and medication, his kidney disease had won the fight, she was heartbroken by the news. He needed a transplant. In July of 2018 he was placed on the kidney transplant list. Many friends and family were tested with no luck, so Janice decided to get tested.

On December 27th she received confirmation that she was a perfect match. On January 15th she will have the surgery. 19…that’s the number of days she went from finding out she was a match…to being scheduled for the operating room. Things are happening so fast she doesn’t have time to second guess her decision. She has a great conviction to her, but it’s not always easy. At times she has more courage than fear, but occasionally trepidation and anxiousness set in, as one might imagine. But a greater calling is superseding that fear right now.

The journey has become so fulfilling to her that she has become an advocate for living organ donation.

“I am determined to use my voice and my story for the over 100,000 people that are still on a waiting list, who so longingly want health restored to them and their families.”

She will fly out from Boise, Idaho on January 7th to Austin, TX to meet with the surgeon and have more lab tests. Then more pre-op conversations on Monday 14th and then surgery is scheduled at 6:00 AM on Tuesday the 15th. The surgery will last anywhere from three to five hours.

The good news is that Frank’s insurance will cover the majority of the cost to perform the operation but there are some expenses that Janice will have to cover such as airfare and post-op care. No matter the cost, Janice says the fear of where the money was going to come from was never going to prevent her from helping save Frank’s life.

“I’m hoping to push through the post-holiday giving barrier because it is going to be tight for a lot of people in light of Christmas and things like that. But we’re determined and if we need to sell whatever we need to sell then we will because saving my brother in laws life is far more important than material things.”

Janice has been kind enough to allow us to follow her as she goes through this journey. You can also follow her on her Facebook page to see how you can support her and her family. She will send us pictures and videos and keep us posted on her progress leading up to the surgery, the surgery itself and then her post surgery recovery. Along the way we will meet her family, her sister and best friend Patty and we’ll meet Frank.

On January 15th, Janice Berryman will be giving away one of her kidneys and in the process, she’ll be donating life to someone else by sharing her spare.

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