Skater’s Generous Spirit Saves Lives – Shauna’s Story

Jul 15, 2014

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Shauna was an energetic 16 year old who was known for her kindness and generosity. She was awarded a National Youth Congressional Award for the hundreds of hours that she spent in volunteer service. She had the opportunity to spend time in the Florida Keys with her family and learned that manatees are on the endangered species list, largely due to human activities. She became passionate about their preservation and protection.

Shauna was also a very talented, competitive ice skater. She had a true love of the sport and it showed when she was on the ice.

Shauna’s mom describes Shauna as the nicest person she has ever known; a statement that is echoed by many who knew her.

When a tragic accident took Shauna’s life, her parents were faced with a decision about organ donation. Knowing that their decision would save lives, and spare others the pain they were currently feeling, her parents decided to honor Shauna’s generous spirit and give the gift of life to others.

“Our decision was initially based upon the person Shauna had become and what she would do for others, but it became more like a mission when we realized our decision saved the lives of four individuals,” said Shauna’s mom.

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