Dash for Donation 2014

The 18th annual Dash for Donation will be held on August 2, 2014. If you have done this event in the past, you know this is a ‘not to be ... more »


Chelsie came to this earth bringing class, style, beauty, grace and love. She was a very compassionate and caring person who has touched ... more »

Heaven Can Wait 5K

Thanks to everyone who attended the first annual Heaven Can Wait 5K run. We appreciated the support of Leavitt's Mortuary in organizing and ... more »


Shauna was an energetic 16 year old who was known for her kindness and generosity. She was awarded a National Youth Congressional Award for ... more »


If there is one thing I do in this life, it would be to teach people to be thankful for what they have instead of dwelling on what they ... more »

Celebration of Life Monument

The Celebration of Life Monument is a celebration of and memorial to Utah individuals both living and deceased, who have donated organs, ... more »