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Laura Hofheins

I was born with a heart condition called Hypo-Plastic Left Heart Syndrome. It basically means the left side of my heart didn’t form completely. I received a transplant when I was six weeks old, My donor was a baby boy named Robert. My heart that I received at six weeks old is still working perfectly after 31 years. I have had the opportunity to meet his family and they are like my family now. Four years ago my kidneys started failing. I was put on dialysis and found a living donor after two years. She is my good friend, Holly, who also shares a birthday with me. We became friends in high school when she moved from out of state to our small town just around the corner from me. Who would have known back then what an impact she would have on my life?! I’m grateful for these amazing people who have blessed me; one from a dear friend and one from a complete stranger.